Documentary “The True Cost” Reveals the True Cost behind Fashion Industry

Regardless which industry you are in, as long as you wear clothes, you should watch this documentary called “the True Cost”. For most of people who are not in the fashion industry, what they usually care are the price, quality and style. Even to the people who are within the industry, what we understand isContinue reading “Documentary “The True Cost” Reveals the True Cost behind Fashion Industry”

Visit to Triple Major, Shanghai

In order to add new case studies for the Second Edition of my book Workbook for Fashion Buyers, I went to interview the emerging specialty store – Triple Major. The owner of the shop Triple Major was born in 1990 and he has 3 shops in China. Its Shanghai store is located in a typicalContinue reading “Visit to Triple Major, Shanghai”

MET’s Gala vs. Chinese Fashion Designers

Met’s China: through the Looking Glass aims to show how Chinese culture has influenced Western fashion. Obviously MET deserves a big applause– at least from the Chinese audience, for their promoting the Chinese culture. In the fashion discourse most people think Chinese fashion (not only Chinese) have received lots of influences from the West, MET’sContinue reading “MET’s Gala vs. Chinese Fashion Designers”

Visit to Cirbaf, Hong Kong

My visit to Cirbaf, a sustainable fashion brand in Hong Kong. Cirbaf is the inverse of the word ‘fabric’. They focus on reusing fabrics left over by factories to make baby shoes and accessories. They use organic materials since baby shoes need to be healthy and soft. Baby shoes designed and manufactured by Cirbaf. TheirContinue reading “Visit to Cirbaf, Hong Kong”

SANKUANZ: The New ‘Chinese’ Fashion

The original article has been in published in CODIGO Magazine. No unauthorized use is permitted. By: Christine Tsui Tibetan religious symbols,deformed animals, and extraterrestrial beings in spring-bud green are depicted running in tandem with transformed Chinese characters like “diyu (hell)”, “hun (muddy)”, “pei (an onomatopoetic word of spitting)”, “‘lihai (fierce)”. These images are depicted on longContinue reading “SANKUANZ: The New ‘Chinese’ Fashion”


I went to ‘NIGHT OF STARS’ Gala dinner hosted by the Fashion Group International. Here below is the information, if you want to check it out. Affair:  Fashion Group International Night of Stars: Protagonists When:  Thursday, October 23, 2014 @ 6:15 PM Hot Spot:  Cipriani Wall Street, NYC I ran into Simon, dean of Parsons FashionContinue reading “EXCLUSIVE! FASHION GROUP INTERNATIONAL ‘NIGHT OF STARS’ GALA, OCT 23, 2014, NYC”

Emerging Designers from 5 Countries – Codigo selection

My fashion critic for the Mexican high fashion magazine Codigo is published. A pioneering publication, Codigo is a Spanish equivalent of I-D magazine in Europe. For this issue, they asked writers from 5 countries to write about emerging designers in their own country. I wrote for the Chinese part. I eventually decided to write aboutContinue reading “Emerging Designers from 5 Countries – Codigo selection”

The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014

The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014. Gold Metal Award – Market Street. All the award winners are teenagers. This painting is very interesting. Please check how many people are there in the painting? This painting, “Watch Your Step”, is an optical art. Look at these amazingContinue reading “The Exhibition of “The Best Teen Art and Writing from Across the Country” in 2014”

Abolitionist Fashion Show in NYC

It is pretty convenient to see the magnificent show of big fashion week. What about small scale show like this one? Its theme is ‘abolitionist fashion show’. There are many small scale fashion shows in NY every week, not even include the trunk shows of many independent designers. Today the show is held in aContinue reading “Abolitionist Fashion Show in NYC”