Q&A│How to do clothing sales? Is there any masterstroke to sell quickly?

By Christine Tsui Translated by Rachel Wang   A question goes on the Zhihu.com: “I am at my 20s. I run a clothing shop for both adults and kids. But the location is much out of way and the business suffers a lot, which I have known a little before I open this store. ItContinue reading “Q&A│How to do clothing sales? Is there any masterstroke to sell quickly?”

Views│What is the Future of Luxury Brands?

By Christine Tsui Translated by Rachel Wang   In this essay, I would discuss the future of luxury brands, for the first-half-year financial reports of most luxury brands, including both the top ones, like Chanel, and the entry luxury brands, like Michael Kors, indicate the downturn of the whole industries, though the brands, having changedContinue reading “Views│What is the Future of Luxury Brands?”

Views│A New Twist on Retail——Mini Apps on WeChat

By Christine Tsui Translated by Rachel Wang   In the overwhelming tide of social media, Mini Programs, the download-free apps in WeChat, are booming, which draws much attention. And in the fashion retail area, we are also obliged to be aware of the trend, or we would be lagging behind the speedy development. In thisContinue reading “Views│A New Twist on Retail——Mini Apps on WeChat”

Belle: the Fate from Peak to Valley

By Wu Rong Translated by Rachel Wang From http://www.cb.com.cn On July 27th, 2017, the statements on the Belle official website issued that the privatization proposals took effect and the company launched the delisting mechanism, marking the end of the shoes empire of Belle. After the privatization, Hillhouse Capital Group is going to be the largestContinue reading “Belle: the Fate from Peak to Valley”

Is Chanel out of fashion?

By Wu Rong From http://www.cb.com.cn Translator:Rachel Wang Chanel didn’t perform up to expectations in the last fiscal year. According to Le Monde newspaper, the annual financial report by Deloitte shows that in 2016 Chanel’s sales volume declined 9% to 5.67 billion dollars, with the retained profits tumb ling 35% to 874 million dollars than theContinue reading “Is Chanel out of fashion?”