Views│What is the Future of Luxury Brands?

By Christine Tsui Translated by Rachel Wang   In this essay, I would discuss the future of luxury brands, for the first-half-year financial reports of most luxury brands, including both the top ones, like Chanel, and the entry luxury brands, like Michael Kors, indicate the downturn of the whole industries, though the brands, having changedContinue reading “Views│What is the Future of Luxury Brands?”

Q&A│Is Luxury Discrimination Common in This Era?

By Christine Tsui Translated by Rachel Wang   A question goes that “Is luxury discrimination common?” on the, the Chinese Quora. The questioner puts his question in this way: “A colleague recently brought a handbag for his college-graduating son, but only to get refused. The boy said he would be discriminated by the peersContinue reading “Q&A│Is Luxury Discrimination Common in This Era?”