Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show I

Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show Preview. The long queue was started nearly 1 hour before the show started. May is the ‘show’ season at fashion schools. Started from the panel discussions, to the static show, followed by this preview and tonight will be the big show, which costs minimum 1000 usd up to 10000 usdContinue reading “Parsons BFA Fashion Benefits Show I”

Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Childrens collection.

Sporty but still girlish. Nice color coordination. It is not very easy to do childrens wear. Very often the design is a miniature of adults collection. But Parsons students demonstrated some talents in this area. This jacket is my favor too, simple clean cut but not boring. Good for teenager girl for schools in anyContinue reading “Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Childrens collection.”

Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Womens collection.

Every one loves this oversized jacket. Again exaggerated in details but still wearable and marketable. Noticed the oversized pocket and hem, plus the oversized loops on shoulder and back. Follow the previous oversized cardigan, these were designed by the same student. Two layered skirt with an oversized pocket. Inspired by body movement. Used tone onContinue reading “Parsons Final Thesis Presentation – Womens collection.”

Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design – Parsons 2014

This is the Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design of Parson in 2014. Students would display their works first and then receive individual comments. Every student would do his or her individual presentation. I like this series very much. But it has a high requirement of the body – only tall people couldContinue reading “Final Thesis Panel Presentation of BFA Fashion Design – Parsons 2014”