Weekend trip to Mountain Lake in New Jersey – Day 2

My Sunday morning starts with playing with Benny. He is already 14 years old. Look at his eyes – full of gentleness and love Today’s breakfast! Went out to walk Benny and Milo with the hostess. Now I know that walking dogs is not that easy. They both are very strong. More often than not,Continue reading “Weekend trip to Mountain Lake in New Jersey – Day 2”

Trip to Brazil VI: Glimpses of Brazilian cities and countryside

Sometimes you don’t need to go to hot sight seeing spots to understand a city. The street scenes already tell you much about the local culture and life. In Brazil, street art is everywhere. You can see the strong Brazilian features in these photos of street art in Sao Paulo – free, passionate and vibrant. StreetContinue reading “Trip to Brazil VI: Glimpses of Brazilian cities and countryside”

Trip to Brazil III – Local Fashion Brands

A local Brazilian brand – Havaiana, who started business from flip-flops. Color is everywhere in Brazil – all vibrant, bold and energetic. From the colors you can tell how much Brazilian people love the nature. Chinese designers also love nature but their work show a very different taste of ‘nature’. We tend to show theContinue reading “Trip to Brazil III – Local Fashion Brands”

Trip to Brazil II – My Public Speech in a Local Gallery

Today our journey started from this cute gallery. Carol invited nearly 20 media friends to this small private welcome party (again, my dear sister – thank you soooooooo much for the wonderful arrangement). What do you think of our pose? The exterior side of the gallery. Inside of the gallery. It is my first timeContinue reading “Trip to Brazil II – My Public Speech in a Local Gallery”

Trip to Brazil I – Local Food and Colorful Houses

This is a vintage-style shop and restaurant. They sell almost everything that you need for daily life. The decorations on the celling The combination of dried fish and table cloth. Guess what is this (not the lamp)? Living expense in Sao Paulo is not low at all. Very much like Shanghai – everything is expensiveContinue reading “Trip to Brazil I – Local Food and Colorful Houses”

My Amazing Paintball Game Today

I tried paintball today and had lots of fun. The only challenge was the heat. The temperature is in fact pretty moderate, quite suitable for playing this type of game. But with the mask on my face and a heavy gun in my hand, I kept sweating while I squat and hid behind the defenseContinue reading “My Amazing Paintball Game Today”

Fashion II

I arrive in Philadelphia today. The weather in east coast changes like this. I felt like I needed to wear a feathered coat yesterday but I am wearing a T-shirt today. Spring is so short and summer finally comes. The new trend now is riding a bike instead of driving a car, which is both healthyContinue reading “Fashion II”

Washington DC

White house. I‘m pretty sure many of our municipal governmental offices are more magnificent than this one but… Power has nothing to do with the physical building. There is a vast green land between the Capitol hill and the monument ~ the national mall. People play sports, vend small items here. A fun place forContinue reading “Washington DC”

Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania (2)

Amish people also hang their laundry outside the door, haha! It’s quite similar to Chinese families but not American families. When Amish girls reach 16 – 18, and boys 20 – 22, they will decide whether or not they will receive sacrament. In addition to traditional Christian ceremonies, they must also vow to a series ofContinue reading “Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania (2)”

Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania (1)

Arrived in Pennsylvania. Spent Thanksgiving here. Travelled with 40 people from over 10 different countries. In my host family lived a old lady who lived in awe of God. She spent the hardest days of her life with a strong faith in God, bringing up four kids all by herself. Life treated her with hardships,Continue reading “Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania (1)”